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Description:HyGear, is a small/medium enterprise based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, with focus on development and manufacturing of gas cleaning systems , reformer technology and on-site hydrogen supply units for several markets. HyGear's business plan and market focus is on developing and selling products based on several sustainable energy technologies: BioGas Upgrading (BGU) units, Biomass Gasification To Liquid (BTL) and Gas Cleaning systems. HyGear's major strengths as a partner in international cooperative projects are its engineering skills, its prototyping capabilities and its flexibility and possibility to deal with changes and finally its mission to move sustainable energy closer to market entry. HyGear is a suitable partner for combining the gasification system and filter systems from the other partners with its expertise on reforming, Water Gas Shift systems and Gas Cleaning. Beginning of 2009, HyGear successfully closed a financing round that allows it to position itself better in the sustainable energy market and hydrogen industry. With the raised capital the company strategically invest heavily into the commercialization and launching of BioGasUpgrading, Gas Cleaning, on-site hydrogen generators and SOFC fuel cells. Presently, HyGear employs 52 people. In UNIfHY, together with the relevant partners, HyGear will develop a stand-alone Gas Cleaning System (the Portable Purification Unit) for the 100kWth system, based on its commercial reforming and PSA technology (Tasks 2.3, 3.1, 3.3; being responsible of the WP3 PPU). HyGear will also support integration of the PPU in the UNIfHY systems (Task 4.3, 4.4, 5.3) and modelling and design of the Total Integrated System (Task 6.4). HyGear has strong experience in the development and construction of several industrial BGU plants. Its expertise ranges from hydrogen generation systems with different hydrocarbons, through Gas Cleaning to Fuel Cell systems. Besides the development of several chemical conversion technologies HyGear holds expertise on the development and manufacturing of heat exchangers (also for process heat recovery) and on gas treatment systems. Core expertise of HyGear is the design and subsequent construction of hightemperature reactors and systems.
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