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Description:Engineering, Procurement & Construction (aka EPC) is a system integrator that provides turnkey project management and design and constructions services for hydrogen projects. We provide civil/structural, process mechanical, electrical and controls design from concept through issue for construction program phases. We maintain active relationships with commercial manufacturers of all components and bulk materials needed for the complete construction of working hydrogen and fuel cell installations so that we can purchase and install all of the parts needed for a complete facility. EPC also provides construction management and craft labour for construction of completed designs, as well as Operations and Maintenance services for hydrogen and fuel cell s projects.
EPC provides analysis of code requirements so that projects meet all applicable local and national codes and standards, performs HazOps reviews for safety, and can provide Quantitative Risk Assessment if required to demonstrate that completed hydrogen projects will operate within acceptable limits of hazards found in the everyday world. EPC was founded in Lakewood, Colorado in the US 2003 and registered in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2011. We work exclusively on projects involving hydrogen and fuel cells. The founder is a chemical engineer with 40 years of experience in large power and petrochemical design/construct projects. A long list of first of a kind projects and references is available upon request. We have performed feasibility studies, and designed and constructed projects including renewables to hydrogen projects, cryogenic hydrogen systems, 'conventional' hydrogen fuelling stations for transit and light duty fuel cell vehicles, and installed PEM, SOFC, MCFC and PAFC stationary power systems as well as PEM and alkaline electrolysers and hydrogen pipelines. We are also involved in the small scale (local) production of anhydrous ammonia by combining onsite generation of hydrogen and nitrogen. We provide services to federal government institutions, universities, utilities, industrial corporations including automakers, fuel cell and electrolyser manufacturers as well as provide hydrogen safety training and consulting for hydrogen related forensic investigations. We provide specialty construction services for hydrogen projects including high pressure testing of hydrogen tubing systems as required by ASME B31.3 and B31.12 and specialty installation services such as cone and threading and orbital welding of hydrogen tubing and fittings. EPC designs, permits and constructs hydrogen and fuel cell systems. We have specialized in this market since our formation in 2003.
EPC is a member of the NRW Hydrogen Association, and have a long history of working with European hydrogen technology leaders including Hydrogenics, Proton Technologies, Van Hool, Daimler and HyGear. While we are a new entity in the European community, we have made a substantial commitment to become a global leader in design and construction of hydrogen projects. We are also a preferred provider for Air Liquide of hydrogen fuelling systems installations, so we have an existing relationship with them that will be specifically applicable on this project. Although our physical presence in Germany is fairly recent, we will add staff and grow as European project opportunities allow, and forecast our office in Germany will be at least as large as our North American operations within the next three years. Typical design/construct projects include hydrogen fuelling stations, hydrogen generation for petrochemical installations, renewable energy to hydrogen generation systems, and fuel cell systems for stationary power generation EPC will bring its experience in the hydrogen industry to the UNIfHY Project to insure that it is constructed safely and cost effectively and will represent designs that can be embraced by industry following the demonstration phase of the project. The designs will be easily replicated in various locations across Europe with readily available components and materials, easily assembled to further promote the development of the hydrogen economy. On the UNIfYH Project, EPC will provide design services including preparation of Process Flow Diagrams, Process and Instrumentation drawings (P&IDs), electrical schematics, single lines and control schematics, foundation designs and seismic analyses, detailed piping drawings including isometrics and support details, cable and conduit and termination drawings. EPC will prepare specifications for procurement of mechanical, electrical and controls components for incorporation into the overall designs, as wells as overall installation specifications to guide construction, all necessary activities in the WP4 and 5. We will also provide construction services as needed for the actual installation and operation of the demonstration facilities (always WP 4 and 5).
We will also facilitate HazOps reviews of the 90% designs, and safety consulting through evaluation of applicable codes and standards (WP 4, 5, 6).
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UNIfHY Final meeting in December 2015
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Marconi University


Marconi University becomes the new coordinating organization
Marconi University

First project technical progress meeting in Strasbourg

UNIfHY Kick Off Meeting Minute