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Description: ENEA, Agenzia Nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l'Energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile, is a scientific research and technology development organisation with vast, internationally recognised experience in the fields of research and innovation for sustainable development and environmental safeguard. With about 3300 employees, ENEA is mainly called upon to: promote and carry out basic and applied research and technology innovation, also through prototypes and product industrialization; disseminate and transfer know-how, encouraging their use in productive and social sectors; provide high-tech services, studies, tests and evaluations to both public and private bodies and enterprises develop and apply sustainability assessment methods of the innovative technologies. In these fields many programs/projects on hydrogen technologies, bio-energy and bio-fuels production and utilisation, have been and are presently carried out, also in co-operation with industry, academic institutions and research organisations at national and international (mainly EU) level. The activities referred in this project will involve three ENEA Research Centres: Trisaia, Casaccia and Bologna. With complementary roles, each Centre has a large and proven experience in the area of involvement. Trisaia is a multidisciplinary Centre. One of its main fields of research is in the development of processes and technologies related to biomass gasification. Several gasification facilities are available, among the others, at Trisaia is located the 1MWth pilot plant developed under the 7 FP-UNIQUE Project (grant agreement no.: 211517) and the 500kWth DFB pilot plant that was used as a prototype of the highly successful 8MWth Gussing plant (contract no.: ENK5-CT-2000-00314). A well equipped analytical lab for biofuel and process stream characterization is also available. Trisaia will be involved in Task 2.1 (feedstoks characterization) and will be WP leader of the WP 5 - UNIfHY 1000. Casaccia is the largest research centre of ENEA. One of its main skill is the modelling and experimental activity, both in laboratory scale and in pilot scale, in the field of CO2 capture by CaO based solid sorbents for many years. Currently, in the framework of the Italian Public Research Plan, Casaccia is developing a bench scale plant, named Zecomix, for developing gasification technologies to produce hydrogen from coal. ENEA-Casaccia will be involved in the activity of process modelling connected to Task 6.2 and 6.4. The Enea Bologna Research Centre participates in several topical EU-funded projects; the most recent are: TyGRE, LAMP, and, specifically on LCA studies for fuel cells and hydrogen systems, H2FC-LCA (FCHyGuide). In the UNIfHy project, ENEA-Bologna will be involved in the Task 6.5 - Environmental analysis by LCA.
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UNIfHY Final meeting in December 2015
Marconi University

Marconi University


Marconi University becomes the new coordinating organization
Marconi University

First project technical progress meeting in Strasbourg

UNIfHY Kick Off Meeting Minute