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Description: CIRPS is an Inter-university Research Centre for Sustainable Development, focused on promoting and conducting activities related to sustainable economic and social development at the international level in cooperation with Italian and foreign Institutions and international organizations. It promotes, coordinates and manages a number of interdisciplinary activities carried out by the member Universities in collaboration with other private and public partners, both Italian and foreign. Therefore, CIRPS activities emphasize the added value given by the combination of different academic groups with worldwide private experts. CIRPS staff is composed of 60 employees. CIRPS was based at “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy) until 31/12/2014. From 01/01/2015 it changed its base, and it is now based at University “e-Campus”. Regarding UNIfHY project, CIRPS has served as coordinator until 28/02/2014. After that, Guglielmo Marconi University became project coordinator. In particular, within this project, a bench-scale and a 100 kWth indirect heated steam/air biomass fluidized bed gasifier is available at “Sapienza” (Hydrogen Lazio Centre) laboratory. The CIRPS laboratory is also well equipped with various measurement and analytical instruments, including on-line gas analysis using IR, FID, TCD detectors and GC-MS.

DIMA The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - was founded in 2010 within a program activated at Sapienza University of Rome that led to the reorganization of the previous structures and the regrouping of teachers and researchers in new reality, for primary and fundamental research and for training activities in Industrial Engineering sector. It has thus been established the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: the union between the Department of Aerospace and Astronautics and the Department of Mechanics and Aeronautics. The Dima currently consists of about 100 units among teaching and technical administration. Within the department there are three degree courses of Industrial Engineering, three PhD courses, 6 second level Master. The Dima coordinates and manages research activities in the fields of theoretical and applied mechanics, fluid dynamics, aerospace propulsion, mechanical and thermal properties of the measures, the technology and management of machines and industrial plants, buildings, structures, equipment and aerospace systems.

List of R&D, coordination and managerial tasks:
1. management of the whole project, months 1-18 (WP 1 )
2. continuous steam gasification and hydrogen purification tests (WP 2);
3. short and long term tests with UNIQUE 100 kWth (WP3)
4. CFD simulation of the UNIfHY prototype and simulation of entire process months 1-18 (WP 6).
5. dissemination and exploitation actions, months 1-18 (WP 7)
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Marconi University

UNIfHY Final meeting in December 2015
Marconi University

Marconi University


Marconi University becomes the new coordinating organization
Marconi University

First project technical progress meeting in Strasbourg

UNIfHY Kick Off Meeting Minute